• We help devise the client clearing strategy using our clearing toolkit and a combination of advisory & integration services
  • Businesses need to be aware of the coming laws affecting financial practices, and should plan accordingly to alter their operations
  • Operations & Technology must have the ability to accommodate all workflows in a mixed clearing environment

With continuous focus on marketplace issues our detailed analytics uses market awareness to judge & anticipate trends for areas in need of solutions:

  • Businesses desire for transaction settlement reliability, which is fostered by managing pre-settlement credit exposures, same day affirmation & shortened settlement cycles
  • Also, collateral issues are in focus, and we envision the new rules leading to industry standardization



  • Prepare to claim the Commercial End User Exception for appropriate categories of subsidiaries or affiliates
  • Assess the legal, commercial & economic differences between cleared & non-cleared swaps
  • Assess differences between available DCOs, DCMs & SEF's
  • Assist in executing the necessary documentation, including F&O account agreements, cleared derivative execution agreements, & the ISDA/FIA clearing addendum
  • Cleartrack provides  services for regulation mandated financial institutions like sell/buyside firms, SEF's/DCM, CCP, SDR, Middleware Providers
  • To comply with the regulation leveraging their existing infrastructure (reduce cost)
  • To derive value and opportunity in complying with the regulation



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Central Clearing Providers (CCP) Equity Derivatives Margin Optimization Arbitrage Desk Pension Funds
Swap Data Repositories (SDR's) Commodities Cross Production Margin Cross Asset Clearing Desk Asset Managers
Collateral Exhanges Futures Risk Optimization Futures Desk Prime Broker
Middleware Providers  Energy Limit Management Equity Flow Desk Mini Primes
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