CLEARTRACK Featured in CFA Magazine

So far, 21 swap execution facilities (SEFs) have registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Among them are multi-dealer platforms, inter-dealer brokers, exchanges, and new entrants. Each one specializes in one or more specific asset classes. They have different rule books and user agreements, and the technology for connecting to them varies... Read More


Only Connect : The Complexity of Exchange Connectivity

The new regulations in the US and Europe require banks to make several new connections to Swap Execution Facilities and Organised Trading Facilities, central counterparty clearing houses and Swaps Data Repositories... Read More


Fund Managers: Picking the Best Clearinghouse, Intricate Juggling Act

Fund managers can no longer afford to view clearinghouses as stodgy infrastructures which just exist for the sake of servicing mega broker-dealers and banks... Read More


Merrill’s Reconciliation Fine: What Happens When Middle Office Fails

Reconciliation: it’s an everyday process in buy- and sell-side shops, where overworked middle-office analysts pay close attention to details and hope technology works... Read More


Fund Managers: Raising the Operational Bar for Uncleared Swaps

With regulators on both sides of the Atlantic wanting bespoke swaps trades to fall under new margin guidelines, fund managers can ill-afford to sit idly by and rely simply on the negotiating skills of their legal advisors to come up with the best terms possible... Read More