Cleartrack is helping financial services firms profit on the changes brought by new and pending regulations:

  • To instill improvements in pre-trade decision processes and create tools across the clearing players like SEF's, CCP's,etc.
  • Design,Build and offer electronic execution mechanisms and sophisticated post-trade solutions while minimizing counterparty and operational risks to ensure that customers and their transactions stay compliant with regulations, present and future
  • Employ varying methodologies compliant with post-trade processes perfectly poised to enable OTC markets to flourish in apparent times of adversity
  • Promote and facilitate the migration of the OTC derivatives marketplace towards more electronically oriented models – Both for trade execution post-trade processes and for the sole purpose of advancing market integrity
  • Our solutions to OTC derivatives transformation enables firms:
    • To optimize capital and collateral requirements
    •  Improved liquidity and transparency, lower counterparty risk, and reduced capital requirements for hedged businesses...Read More







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